Entryway Project {wood crate tip}

Hi everyone!

Just popping in to say hello, and I haven’t forgot about you!

I’m working on an fun entryway project made with crates, like the one below…

(like this one)

And I’m actually taking pictures along the way. gasp. I know.

I’ll have all the details in a later post once everything is done and all set up, but for now, I’m going to give you a tip about these fantastically famous crates:

You may have seen wood crates like this in stores like Joann’s or Micheal’s before. They’re around $14 (ish) and if you use your 40% of coupon, it brings them to around $7-8.

I was looking on Pinterest for ideas yesterday, and came to find out that Home Depot sells them, for only $5.98!! Even if you had a 50% of coupon for the craft store, it’s still cheaper at HD. Once I found this out, I ran over there after work and bought the other 2 I needed to finish the project (I had already bought one at Micheal’s, and planned on going back there, and then hit up Joann’s in the same trip so I could use a coupon on all 3).

If you’re in the market for one (or a few) of these, check your local HD first (if you search “wood crate” it will pop right up) and if you enter your Zip Code it will even tell you how many they have in stock.


Lauren : )


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