Introducing… The Fan Can

So you’re at a sporting event, and you need to use the bathroom. What do you do? You use a port-a-potty.

Ever since we moved in to our house, Matt has wanted to make our basement half bathroom into a port-a-potty. Not the gross, smelly, don’t-touch-anything kind of port-a-potty, but more like a chic, cute potty.


Here’s a picture of the bar as it looked when we bought the house. Since then, we’ve added a 4-tap kegerator (like the taps you see in a bar, because Matt brews his own beer) and a few other touches to make it more us. You can see the bathroom to the right, and I agreed that it needed to be themed so I went along with the chic potty idea.

So I planned it all out, because it needed to be the perfect color and also have those fun port-a-potty touches, like an “occupied” sign and also a sign with the company name on it. (Sidenote: while I was looking at names online, I wished one of our names was Scott because there’s a company in Michigan called Scottie’s Potties… how awesome). Anywho…

I decided on Pool Green by Pantone from Lowe’s, and it turned out just the right color…

fan can 1


fan can 3

Welcome to the Fan Can. A super cute, and cleanest port-a-potty you’ve probably seen in a while. Complete with an “Occupied” sign because, well, have you ever seen a potty without one? Didn’t think so.

So here’s to all of you who thought I was completely nuts to paint my bathroom like a port-a-potty (I’m referring to you, cashier at Lowe’s)… Turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself! I do plan to paint the inside a gray color, but I wanted to at least get the door finished during football season.

So next time you come over, be sure to check out the Aftermath Bar and Tavern, and if you have to use the facilities, you won’t have to worry!


Lauren : )


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