Sometimes Grout Needs a Makeover too!

I have to say, I have no idea why I’ve been putting this project off. It’s kind of like my kitchen countertops, I totally should have done it sooner. I’m about to get down and dirty with ‘yall. My grout was pret-ty nasty. I’ve tried cleaning it a billion times, and it just wouldn’t come clean. Plus, whoever did the tile in the bathroom needs to have their head examined. It’s like a 4 year old did it, blindfolded. Nothing is square, some of the tiles are loose and cracked and the caulk and trim around the baseboard looks terrible. Here you go…

Bathroom 1

Totally fugly right? I have no idea if it was supposed to be that color, or if it just got “that” dirty. Also, the tile job looked worse because you could see EVERY little imperfection there was. Here’s another close up, just so you can get acquainted with my floor…

Bathroom 2

Cracked, dark, and uneven. (The bottom right hand corner makes me cringe…)

So this is what you’ll need to give your grout a brand-new facelift.

You will need:

An ugly tiled space

Grout paint (I bought this kind from Lowe’s, but I know Home Depot and other home improvement stores have it as well) They make it in a number of colors, so just pick the color you think will look best.

Bathroom 6


Paper towel


Hot water


Clean your floor thoroughly. I Swiffered, and then wiped it down with vinegar and water spray. Don’t forger to scrub by the baseboards, in all the corners, and be sure to get all that hairspray up. Oh… is that just me? Anywho…

Next, I started to paint in an inconspicuous place, near the toilet, which is in between that half-wall and the vanity (see the picture above).

Squirt a bit of the paint into the grout line and then use your toothbrush to “paint” it in. Make sure to go back and forth to get all the color in, and although a little goes a long way, don’t be afraid to use the product… aka, it’s ok to make a mess.

On some other tutorials, they wiped the paint away from the tile as they went. I tried that, and that’s where I got frustrated. I hated wiping and then painting and wiping and wiping and wiping. It was annoying.

Be sure to work at the back of the room, working your way towards the door. You don’t want to trap yourself out of the room!

When I got to the door, I looked up and thought Eh… this doesn’t really look that good. Great. I just F-ed up my floor. But then I realized, when I painted over a spot that had already been painted, it looked much better…

Bathroom 3

As you can see, at the top of the picture it looks much more covered than the bottom of the picture. See how it’s gray and uneven? That’s when I came up with the idea to do a second coat.

Then I also came up with the great idea to actually read the directions on the bottle (Yup… I’m one of those people sometimes). “Wait 30 minutes, spray with water and let sit 5 minutes, wipe to remove excess paint.” Hallelujah! No more wiping line after line after line!

So after 30 minutes, I went back over the lines again with the paint, not being as cautious as the first time. I literally just squirted, painted with the toothbrush, and then went over the area *lightly* with the paper towel just to remove the excess around the tiles, but I was careful not to make sure I dug into the grout and remove the paint (in the picture above, you can see where the paint was wiped off the tile… there’s a bit of a shadow).

After I finished the 2nd coat, I waited 30 minutes, per the instructions on the bottle.

I then sprayed the entire floor with the same vinegar and water mixture I cleaned it with, and then came up with a better idea. I got a washcloth, wet it with warm water and then wiped. The excess paint on the tiles came off with barely any scrubbing at all! I did go back several times to re-wet the washcloth to be sure it was warm and clean. After I wiped down the area, I went back over it with a dry hand towel to remove the water and dry paint. After I was finished with that, I Swiffered one more time and then let it sit.

And then we had this…

Bathroom 4

BAM! A nice, clean, white floor! It totally changed the entire look of the room and I’m so happy I did it. Here’s a close up:

Bathroom 5


Price and time breakdown:

The paint was about $12, and that’s the only thing I had to purchase. I had an extra toothbrush but if you had to buy one you could always get a cheap one for around $1. I had everything else, including towels and paper towel.

The bottle still feels pretty full to me, I don’t even think I used a quarter of the paint. If you have a regular-sized room, one bottle will be fine. If you’re doing a mansion, buy a few : )

I started the project in the morning around 10, and then it took about 30-ish minutes to do the 1st coat. I let it sit for 30, and then the 2nd coat only took *maybe* 10 minutes, actually probably less. I let that sit for 30 minutes and then it took me only a few minutes to clean that up. So all in all, it took less than 2 hours to do.

Here’s another before and after of the space:

Bathroom 7

Rediculous right? Improved the space 1000%.

The bathroom looks so much more clean, fresh and updated. If you’re ever on the fence about painting the grout-DO IT!!


  • On some other tutorials, they only had to paint over the grout once. It looks like they had a lighter color grout, so if you have a darker color you MAY have to do it twice. Honestly, it’s not a big deal whatsoever. The extra 5 minutes it takes to go over it again is nothing.
  • Make a mess. It’s easier to wipe everything down after you’re done than to wipe every single time you paint a line. It’ll dry, and you can wipe it with a wet rag. So.Much.Easier.
  • You may need to put the paint into a squirt bottle-a cheap ketchup bottle with the pointy tip would be perfect! My bottle had a squirter that flips out of the top, but I’ve seen some where the top screws all the way off so it would be hard to pour. You’ll be able to tell when you look at the bottle.
  • Follow the instructions on the bottle. If it says to wait 30 minutes before wiping-then wait. Also, you should wait about 2 hours before you actually walk on it again… besides when you clean up, and then 24 hours before it gets really wet…again, except when you clean up.
  • Don’t forget about the trim. I had a gap where the grout was between the baseboard and the tile, so I painted that too. Just go over it with the toothbrush and it will spruce right up.

This is a pretty fool-proof project that doesn’t take a long time. I would recommend this to anyone!


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!



Lauren : )



7 thoughts on “Sometimes Grout Needs a Makeover too!

  1. Brilliant job, and that saves you time and money re-tiling the floor. I re-tilled my floor, it was so out of date, I was lucky to have a really good tile cutter so it made the job so much easier but this is definitely a tip I will use in the future.

    • Thanks Alice! It’s super easy and I love a project that doesn’t empty my poor wallet. Tiling is something I haven’t tacked yet, but it sounds like you’re a pro! : )

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