My New Sewing Desk

For those of you that don’t know me in person, you know I’m the kind of person that can’t sit still. I’m always looking for a project and my brain never shuts off.


After work I headed to Ikea and browsed, wanting to buy every single thing they have. If you have never been there before, run. Don’t walk. Just follow the arrows on the floor, trust me on this one. Anywho, I ended up buying the desk I was looking at, as well as popsicle makers. Call me a wild woman. Sidenote: The desk was 112 pounds in 2 boxes. The part of Ikea where you get your furniture is like a self-serve warehouse, so you grab what you want and put in on your cart. I went by myself, so I had to lift this beast over my head and onto my cart. I’m sure if you were there you would have been laughing your butt off becuase I was probably yelling at the stupid box and cart. Getting it in my car was a different story… since I haven’t really had time to check out all the buttons, it took me some good trial and error to get the desk in the car. Oh ya, that’s after the cart started rolling down the parking lot too…

After that I headed to Joann’s to get some fabric, but their fabric selection was out of control messy. I can’t shop for fabric when it’s literally stacked everywhere and not organized at all. I left the cart in the fabric section and left. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Saturday I went to Hobby Lobby as soon as it opened to get some fabric there instead, and I came home with 4 different prints that I love. I also came home with some items (giant scissors!!) to decorate the sewing room with.

So without further ado… here is the new sewing room!

This is the before picture (taken at night before I forgot):


Here, I have an solid door for a tabletop, and a rolly-rubbermaid cart and a dresser of my grandma’s to hold it up with. Wobbly and scratchy is an understatement. The walls are taupe, not a gross brown like they look here. (see next picture)

The new desk!


I love how fresh and clean it looks! My rolly-cart slides right under it, and the trunk on the left holds everything that used to be in the light purple dresser.

Another angle:


Just because it’s pretty…

And now some details:


I bought this tin at Hobby Lobby, and it holds my scissors, rotary cutters, dry erase markers and lighter (I use the lighter on the ends of ribbons so they don’t fray-there’s nothing worse).


This used to be Matt’s change jar, but I washed it out and re-purposed it. On the old purple dresser, my grandma used wooden spools for drawer pulls. I took them off and used them as a vase filler instead! I love them, not only because it adds interest, but also because it reminds me of my grandma and how great of a seamstress she was. I also have the spools on my window holding up my curtains.


My giant scissors!! Still trying to find a permanent place for these guys but I saw them at the store and HAD to buy them. Shear perfection… ha! Get it? Shear?! Ok moving on…


Here is the top of the shelf part of the desk, I just set these things up here so work with me. I love this lamp I also bought at Hobby Lobby.


Here are the shelves that hold my organizing baskets. I have them broken down into categories like shipping items (which is actually below the desk-you can see it in the bigger picture above), items in my shop, custom orders, and supplies. The pouch on top is new!

I’m loving the new desk! It’s so smooth and it’s wider so there’s more room to move the fabric around. I would recommend this desk to anyone, it’s great not only for crafting but also for your computer and files as well!

This desk is very versatile, you can take the desk part off and use just the shelves (you actually buy them separately), you can turn it on it’s side and use it like a bench, use it as a room divider, or you can get the different size versions and create a whole wall of shelves!

EXPEDIT Workstation IKEA Finished on all sides. Can also be used as a room divider. Adjustable feet provide stability on uneven floors.

Look at this guy!!

With the new desk I feel super inspired to make some new things, so look for some fresh new exciting products soon! I have some spring prints and new patterns to try out, and I can’t wait!

What kind of desk do you like to use?

Lauren : )


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