Um, You’re Doing What to Your Kitchen?

I’m pretty pumped today guys.

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know that I am tired of my kitchen with the pink counter tops. Yes, I said pink. Here’s what it looked like when we first bought it…

Aren’t they lovely? Like a nice Mauve color. Totally reminds me of my mom’s bridesmaid dresses from her wedding. Sorry mom. It’s not 1985 anymore.

Well I made the executive decision last night that I was going to paint them, since I realized we already had everything at home. Sander, primer, and paint! I just need to get some polyurethane to finish it off.

So how am I doing this you ask? Well I’m following my best friend Pinterest of course! I found this and a few similar Pins, and here’s what I’m planning on doing:

1. Take the caulk out from where the tile back splash and counter top meets. This may be the most hefty task so I have recruited a lady who knows her way around a razor blade… My mom. She’s going to help take all that junk out so we can paint it and then eventually re-caulk it after. Good luck mom… that’s all I’m saying.

2. Clean the counter really well and then sand it using a light sander. I have The Mouse sander, so that will work perfect for this. I just need to rough it up a little teeny bit in order for the paint to stick.

3. Prime! I hate priming. The one and only time I primed something (which was actually my Faux-place) I didn’t realize it was oil based, so I was washing off the paintbrush and it was a di-sas-ter. Obviously, because oil and water don’t mix. So I’m hoping this time will be much better, I’ll make sure to use a roller I can throw out for sure.

4. Since that needs time to cure, I’ll do the actual painting the next day. I’m just using regular house paint that I used on another project. It’s a dark brown, and that will be my base color.

5. Since that needs time to dry too, the next day I’ll do the fun part… the sponge painting! You take a few different colors you like, and you actually sponge paint it on and it looks like granite! Who knew?? I’m using a taupe color that I used for my craft room, and then I’ll get a few more colors too. I’m either going to use the craft paint at Micheal’s, or today I was walking through Lowe’s and I saw they have pre-mixed test pots for $2.00. I think I’ll use a black, taupe and 1-2 more brown colors.

6. The next step is to poly the entire counter with a few coats, drying between each coat. This will even everything out and give it a nice finish. I don’t want it too shiny, so I’ll have to check out Lowe’s to see what they have as far as finishes go.

I hope everything works out with this because I’m sick of looking at the mauve. Like, super sick of it.

In other good news, I got another order today from a client I don’t know! That’s always exciting to me because that means she has been looking at my shop and chose me to make her a bag. YAY!

Do you know anyone who has painted their counter before?

Do you think I’m crazy? (we all know the answer to this one).


Lauren : )


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