Out and About in Mackinaw City

It’s Mackinaw time again!! This time I’m going to introduce you to some places in Mackinaw that are special to me and this lovely lady.

But first, I’d like to show houses that my mom and I are going to buy. Well not really, but I have a pretty creative imagination so I’ll just pretend I live there : )

Here’s my mom’s house:


The picture online was better than the one I took from the van. It’s on Jamet Street, which is right in the heart of downtown Mackinaw City. Surprisingly, the street was relatively quiet.

And here’s the house I am going to “buy.” Which happens to be right next door to my moms!


This one is super cute. It’s got a big 2 car garage, and it has a little house in the back! Like a garden shed or a man cave, whatever your fancy is. So until I’m rich, I’ll just have to pretend in my mind that I live there. You walk to one end of the street and you see the bridge, and you look down the other end and you have lake Huron. Ahhh. How nice.

This is the house that my cousin and I are going to own one day. Actually it’s the Brigadoon bed and breakfast, but ever since we were little we have been obsessed with it. We have to drive by it at least 10 times, pretend we own it and choose which room we want to live in.


You can’t even tell me that it’s not the cutest, most prettiest house ever. It’s right on the corner of East Etherington and Langlade. It always looks so quaint and it’s about a 2 block walk to downtown, as well as the lake! You can actually see the lake from the rooms you see in this picture, because it’s facing East. I just recently found out that they have a sister inn, which is on the Island! It’s called the Bay View at Mackinac, and it’s just a short walk from downtown where the ferries drop you off. It’s right on the harbor, and is just as cute…


It actually looks like a smaller baby version of the Brigadoon. Ahh I would love to own either of them really! Let’s buy the house on the mainland and then this one can be our vacation home… What do you say Em?!

Another place we love is Mama Mia’s Pizza. Here’s what it looks like today:


They have the best taco pizza and the inside is really fun. If you go upstairs, they even have a free Mackinaw Bridge museum which is dedicated to all of the workers and families that helped build the Bridge. In the museum they have tools, clothes, articles and other items belonging to the workers that were donated. They also have a movie running constantly that you are able to purchase about the making of the Bridge. Sadly, the building actually caught on fire August 28th, 2005. (Hey, that’s gram’s birthday!) So a lot of the treasures were lost. Click here to learn more about the fire and museum.

Good news is, is not only the restaurant but the museum has been re-opened. We went in there Sunday to check it out and the dining room is a big open space with booths and you can see right into the kitchen. We were trying to get upstairs to see the new museum but a family with kids were blocking the stairs, and well we didn’t want to wait. I’m sure it’s just as cool as it used to be. I wonder if that old lady is still up there? (There used to be a wooden lady dressed in old-lady clothes sitting in a chair watching the movie. She was quite the attraction to take pictures with).

While we are on the topic of food, we can’t forget Anna’s Country Buffet!


Yummy food, great variety, and a haunted house upstairs. What more could you ask for.

Next we have Mackinaw Crossings. It’s kind of like an outdoor mall with cute shops and restaurants. I couldn’t post without showing you the Great Lakes Bear Factory.

It’s in a different spot than it used to be, it’s right when you walk in now, across from the movie theater.

Oh man… this is like old school Build-a-Bear. Actually this was around before Build-a-Bear was even out! Here you got to pick your bear fur, eyes, and nose, stuff it, and buy it clothes. We went here all.the.time and got a new outfit for our furry friends.

Next we have the Arnold Transit Company. This is the ferry line that we used to take to go to the Island. Their dock was right down from our hotel, and a few times we floated out too far and got hit (but not really even close to getting hit) by one of the boats.


Going this weekend really made me want to go back to the island. It’s truly a magical place and you won’t be bored. There’s so many pretty things to do and see, even men will have a good time. The Island (and city) are rich with history dating back before the War of 1812, and there are interesting historical markers all over the place.

You may not know, but you can not drive cars on the Island. Only bikes, walking and horse and buggies. It’s 8.1 miles around the Island and you’ll have breathtaking views the entire time. Most of the Island is actually a State Park, with many trails and houses and natural landmarks like Arch Rock.


It’s a natural limestone feature that was formed when glaciers formed the Great Lakes. You can hike up to it and look out to see the lake.

Another thing you have to see on the Island is The Grand Hotel. It will cost you $10 to even think about going on the 660′ long porch, but they credit the $10 back to you if you eat or shop there. Pictures do not even begin to describe how beautiful it really is. It faces the lake and can be seen from the mainland and the bridge. If you don’t want to pay the $10 to go right up to it, you can still get fairly close to it on Lake Shore Drive or Cadotte Ave.


Even if you don’t want to do much on the Island, you have to walk around and see the beautiful houses. I would love to live in them! Over on West Bluff, you have the Victorian-style houses:


Or you have the cute, quaint cottages on Mahoney Ave and Market Street.


This is actually the Cottage Inn, but it looks like all the rest of the houses along those streets. Also, don’t look for a typical Holiday Inn on the Island, because this is a very good example of what most of the Inns look like.

Well, that just about wraps up the tour of the Island and City!! I would love to go back sometime soon and explore the Island now that I’m a bit older and appreciate the buildings there more. I haven’t been in over 6 years so it would be great to go back and refresh the ol’ memory.

If anyone wants to know more about what it’s like to live on the Island full time, check out The Quilted Turtle Blog!

Also, Bree’s Mackinaw Island Blog is great too! She lives there in the summer only but gives very detailed information about the Island!

Lauren : )


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